Good morning voters!  I love the real-time web stats, which show that this site is busier now than at any previous time during the campaign.  Let me guess: you're trying to figure out who to vote for, for trustee, right?

I'm an excellent candidate.  I'm a parent with three kids in the school system.  I've paid attention to the TDSB for the past five years or so and I know how it operates.  I'm a progressive, decent, straight-talking person - I don't talk to you in "political-speak".  I don't use "dialogue" as a verb, or even as a noun really.

My main opponent is in her 20s, no children in the schools, no knowledge of the TDSB.  She's running as a political appointee only.

The big issues for Trinity-Spadina are the Central Tech field and corruption at the TDSB.  I promise to do my best to keep that field green and get it rehabilitated and opened to the public.  And I promise to work hard against the corruption of the TDSB.  I am an independent.  I will serve only the parents and residents of Trinity-Spadina.  My main opponent is running as a party nominee for the NDP, that's her only source of support, and she will have to "dance with the one that brung her" if elected.  She will certainly not be able to take any action against the fraud, waste and abuse repeatedly reported by the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail in recent years, because it would embarrass her party.  A vote for her is a vote to continue the corruption at the school board.

Check out my platform and bio elsewhere on this site.  I believe my platform is the ONLY one that mentions corruption at all.  If you have any questions get in touch.  I'm going to be kind of busy today, so I'm sorry if I don't manage to get back to you before you have to vote, but I'll try.

In 2010 I got 34% of the vote, almost 10,000 people voting for me, and came quite close to winning against a long-time incumbent.  This time we've run twice the campaign we did in 2010.  We're going to win this time.

Happy Election Day!


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    Thanks to everyone who has helped out on the campaign and offered their support and good wishes.  Thanks most of all to my wife Stephanie, who has soldiered bravely on throughout.  The two of us delivered somewhere around 30,000 flyers personally, and if you don't think that's a lot, I urge you to try it and find out.

    I thought the most pressing issues in the campaign would be the Central Tech field and corruption at the TDSB.  I was right about the first, wrong about the second, which was overshadowed by other things that came up.  I should write a lengthy piece on the subject but it's going to take some time and care, which I haven't got right now.  I find it really unfortunate that corruption isn't the number one issue in every TDSB campaign; it should be.  The Globe has a couple of very good reporters pursuing the issue but the public just doesn't care enough about it.

    Thanks for all your support. Vote early and often tomorrow.


    P.S. - Also, according to the web stats, a whole lot of you wait until the day before the election to read up on the various candidates. So hello to everyone reading the site tonight!  I'm the best trustee candidate!  No one else is going to try to fix the corruption problem at the TDSB.

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